On arrival to America in the 16th century, the Vaqueros worked hard to develop the highest standards when it came to raising, training, and working with their stock. They owned their horses, saddles, and ropes and what they did with them would shape the history of American ranching.

Throughout the years, the Vaquero lifestyle and language evolved and merged with local cultural traditions, producing what became known as America’s "cowboy".

Their commitment to living the Vaquero life with intention and community spirit created a legacy that still exists. 

Today, we take this legacy and tradition seriously.

Our passion for animals means we make no exceptions when it comes to the way we do things, from start to finish.

Our desire for your confidence in our brand means we strive to maintain a seamless and consistent production process with quality in mind.

Therefore, we make the following commitments in honor of the Vaquero Tradition when it comes to QUALITY & PURITY.


Unbiased, 3rd party lab testing is critical when it comes to the hemp industry.

Every batch we produce undergoes extensive testing to ensure we meet all regulatory expectations.

Testing includes potency tests, gas chromatography tests and antimicrobial tests. 

1000mg Massage Oil

Hemp Dog Biscuits

Hemp Equine Biscuits

We follow in the footsteps of the original Vaquero by only using organic farming practices. This means no pesticides, herbicides, or other toxic chemicals are used. We also use the finest organic, human-grade ingredients to produce our line of Vaquero Tradition products. 

Our products are manufactured in the USA, following strict guidelines in a cGMP certified facility that is FDA-registered. Unlike other brands that may source cheaper, inferior ingredients, we refuse to compromise when it comes to our commitment to quality, potency and purity.


Few manufacturers are cGMP certified. Most are only cGMP registered or cGMP compliant. This makes all the different in quality standards.

cGMP, or ’Current Good Manufacturing Practices’ means that Vaquero Tradition employ technologies and systems that are up-to-date (“current”) in order to be compliant with strict regulation

State-of-the-art equipment, live science technologies, and testing techniques result in higher quality and greater purity products. Simply put, cGMP certification provides modern quality assurance techniques to give utmost confidence in our transparent and advanced policies and procedures.

The approval process to become cGMP certified requires on-site FDA assessors and inspectors, and only after rigorous testing and review of methods, facilities, and controls used in manufacturing, processing, and packing can a manufacturing facility be awarded cGMP certification.

As a veterinarian-formulated brand, Vaquero Tradition is fueled by a passion to be the most trusted hemp brand in the marketplace. This quest for excellence means that we are 100% confident in our product, and back it with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There is only one way that animal lovers can be assured of our science-powered product quality: Vertical Integration. 

Vertical Integrations means that Vaquero Tradition products are controlled and regulated at every aspect of the the farming and production process. From plant genetics right through to packaging, legal compliance, 3rd party testing, to store shelves, to you.